What If you could design your own women’s leadership conference…?

welead_320I’m becoming more and more convinced that all the skills I need can be found within my WeLead Circles. From marketing and design, to copywriting, music, project management and research – I can’t begin to tell you how brilliant and generous my tribe of WeLeaders has been in helping us make this the best women’s leadership event yet.

They are also relentless about nagging me to move faster and give them everything they need -some of it still unfinished!- to help make the circle bigger. And all of this in addition to managing high powered jobs and running successful businesses.

In one of these WeLead meetings, one of the team asked me what experience I wanted my delegates to have this year. She quite rightly said that we can’t have a proper project plan until we know the most important goal we’re working towards.

I love the question. I want to make sure that there’s a tangible, personal value for everyone who attends and we’ll all commit to making this happen.
We decided together that we’d like to promise everyone that they would leave with one big goal or dream and a plan to action and at least one powerful new connection. This is of course in addition to all the usual inspiration, access to role models, tools and strategies that most conferences promise.

And then it got me thinking. Instead of trying to convince you that you too should be there on March 8 & 9th or that you should send a table of the high potential women leaders in your team to join us, how about we work with the end in mind: How will you know that you made the right decision to attend? What tools, answers, inspiration would you like to leave with after spending two days of your valuable time with us?

Yes we’ve already confirmed a stellar cast of speakers and panelists. But before we add the finishing touches with only a month to go, what should we remember that is most important to you when it comes to developing your own leadership and that of the most talented women in your team?

How will we know we’ve done a better job than ever before?

I’ll be sending a short questionnaire out about this soon and I would love to know what you think.

In the meantime, check out what we have planned so far  here



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