Debby Edelstein is an accomplished speaker and facilitator on leadership both locally and internationally, who is highly regarded for her ability to facilitate conversations among groups of all sizes as well as her easy and dynamic presentation style.Her role as talent scout for QualityLifeCompany means that she receives proposals from speakers who want to launch their careers on a daily basis and she has the difficult task of selecting the most promising to work with.She’s had the privilege of hearing and learning from some of the best speakers in the world and has coached some of SA’s top CEOs in speech writing and dealing with the media.

She is founder and host of three annual conferences which she chairs and moderates: The Annual Women’s Leadership Conference, The Inspired Teachers Conference and WiredWomen Conference.

She has conducted more radio and television interviews than she can remember and is also the proud mother of two children who are both exceedingly comfortable behind a microphone.

Feedback for Debby’s work:“Without exception, Debby’s workshops have received rave reviews from participants.”Professor Margaret Orr, Director, Centre for Learning, Teaching and Development, Wits

“Debby is a magical presenter and storyteller.” Monica Singer, CEO Strate

Presentations and workshops include:

New talk Specially for Women’s Day 

  • Be Yourself but Louder  – Even if you feel that grabbing the microphone or a spot at the boardroom table doesn’t come naturally to you, there are ways to find your authentic voice and get the recognition you deserve. Learn how to speak up, lean in, and get out of your own way so that you can shine your light. The world is craving a new style of leadership, and now is the perfect time for women to lead.
  • Speak Up: The Leader as Communicator
  • The Game-Changers – Leadership lessons from Video Games (with Adam Edelstein)
  • The New Women’s Leadership: Chaos, Creativity and Conversations
  • The Enchanted Boardroom: Teambuilding Magic for Leaders who once believed in Fairies
  • How to Bring Soul to Work: Creativity, Community and Contribution

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  1. Hi Debbie,

    GetSmarter, in collaboration with USB-Ed is developing a short course in Women in Leadership, and we would love to include your insights. Please let me know how I can contact you in order to discuss the possibilities in more detail.

    Many thanks

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