First put on your panties

When you look for free underwear pics online, most of the images are not quite as wholesome as this one. But considering this advice is courtesy of my mother, I thought this one was nice and appropriate
“First put on your panties” is the advice my Mom has always given me whenever I feel overwhelmed with all I have to manage in a day.  It’s what I thought about this morning when I wondered what to do first in unraveling the new challenges that have become life and business as usual in this new COVID 19 reality we’re faced with.
It’s what I think about when I know that what I need most is to be centred and sensible and to do the first things first. Then all the rest will follow. One step at a time
I know life feels challenging right now but we’ve got this.  I’m going to share the best ideas, resources and people I know with you and invite you to do the same.
But first put on your panties
With lots of love
Debby and Debby’s Mom (and Buttercup)